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Zammits's credibility in tatters [Sydney flight paths]

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12 February 1998






The Federal Minister for Transport and Regional Development, Mark Vaile, has told the Wentworth Courier he doubts many people will believe anything Mr. Zammit has to say concerning Sydney flig ht paths.


Mr. Vaile's comments follow assertions by Mr. Zammit that flight paths were to be altered to direct flights over the Eastern suburbs to the benefit of his constituents in the seat of Lowe.


"I have scrutinised all sorts of claims made by Mr. Zammit for months now and very little of it makes any sense at all." Mr. Vaile said.


"No deal was offered to Mr. Zammit regarding any proposal to change flight paths." Mr. Vaile said.


He pointed out that any plan, such as the one canvassed by Mr. Zammit, would have had to be cleared by the Implementation and Monitoring Committee and debated by the Sydney Airport Community Forum. "It wouldn't have got past first base - this is another of Mr. Zammit's hoaxes." Mr. Vaile said.


"Mr Zammit is embittered because he came to us looking for a virtual air exclusion zone around his marginal seat of Lowe and we told him it wasn't on - so he got cranky." Mr. Vaile said.


"It goes to the Government's credit that each and every time he came to us looking for a political favour - we shook our heads and said No Paul, the community's noise sharing targets - set down in the Long Term Operating Plan - will continue to be applied without fear or favour." Mr. Vaile said.


"Since then Mr. Zammit has made all sorts of outlandish claims in a desperate bid to re-invent himself as an umbrella for all the disparate anti-aircraft groups in his electorate." Mr. Vaile said.


"The sad thing is that Mr. Zammit would have these people believe he has 'a magical cone of aircraft silence' - when in truth all he has is rhetoric. Most Sydney people understand that aircraft noise is an unfortunate fact of life and the most any Government can do is use a bipartisan, community drafted plan to share the noise more fairly - and that's precisely what we're doing." Mr. Vaile said.



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