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Appeal for accuracy.

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Senator Andrew Bartlett Senator for Queensland Australian Democrats spokesperson for Electoral Matters

Senator Andrew Murray Senator for Western Australia

Press Release Dated: 30 Nov 2000 Press Release Number: 00/731 Portfolio: Electoral Matters Related: Accountability

Appeal for Accuracy

Any claims that preferences were decided at the 1996 election on the basis of payment to the Democrats were ludicrous and nonsensical, according to Australian Democrats Electoral Matters spokesperson, Senator Andrew Bartlett.

Senator Bartlett tonight urged journalists to stop linking such statements as “…money was passed to the Democrats…” or “…the Democrats took the money…” to the issue of preferences for the Queensland seat of Lilley in the 1996 Federal election.

“Mr Swan concisely stated in the House of Representatives that money was passed to a campaign manager for a Democrat candidate. At no time did Mr Swan state that money was passed to the Australian Democrats political party, or at the request of the officers of that party.

“That does not constitute a payment to the Democrats’ organisation since it was not known to them, or paid to them - it is a clear distinction,” Senator Bartlett said.

According to Australian Democrats Accountability Spokesperson, Senator Andrew Murray, the media have been perpetuating the view that the person and the party are synonymous.

“Democrat volunteers, members, candidates and Parliamentarians are being damned as guilty by association. That is just not fair,” Senator Murray said.

“The Democrats have not broken the rules and have long argued that the rules should be tighter than they are.

“All donations made to the Australian Democrats are acknowledged and disclosed in full. We have found no record, either by virtue of income or expenditure, of any donation made by Mr Swan or indeed anyone else in the ALP,” he concluded.


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