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Vanstone praises Partnerships for Change in indigenous communities.

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Senator Amanda Vanstone

Minister for Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for Indigenous Affairs

Vanstone Praises Partnerships for Change in Indigenous Communities

VIPS 30/05

On the second day of her visit to the North West of Western Australia, Minister for Indigenous Affairs, Amanda Vanstone said the Australian Government was “restoring hope” in Indigenous communities through partnerships which bring reality to local initiatives.

Senator Vanstone will today sign Shared Responsibility Agreements (SRAs) involving more than $1.7 million for a range of locally developed initiatives.

Senator Vanstone is visiting Indigenous communities in the Kimberleys. Today’s visits include Fitzroy Crossing and Eight Mile, Warmun and a tour of the

Argyle diamond mine.

Eight Mile (near Fitzroy Crossing)

Senator Vanstone will sign SRAs with the community at Eight Mile, 30 kilometres east of Fitzroy Crossing. The Australian Government will contribute more than $200,000 towards three projects: completion of a creche and family homemaker centre; upgrade of a basketball court and improvements to a sporting oval.

‘The creche and family centre will provide a safe environment for women and children for educational and recreational activities,’ the Minister said.

‘Meals will be prepared at the centre for the elderly and CDEP workers. A breakfast program will be provided for young people.

‘The Western Australian Government will contribute ongoing wages for workers and provide other resources such as toys and equipment.

‘The improvements to sporting facilities will provide a healthy outlet for young people.

‘The community has undertaken to ensure young people take part in the activities and that community members are involved in running the facilities.’


The Minister will announce $1.5 million

to construct a pool complex at the Warmun community.

‘I am delighted to announce another of the very successful “no school - no pool” agreements, which are based on an idea developed by Indigenous communities themselves,’ Minister Vanstone said.

‘Under the “no school - no pool” arrangements parents and other family members are responsible for making sure that children attend school if they want to use the pool,’ the Minister said.

‘Community people will be trained to run swimming activities for youth, and the community council will keep pool and school attendance records so that they can easily see how things are working.

‘They are confident that this new initiative will give their kids a better chance both in education and health.

‘The Western Australian Government will provide funding of around $180,000 per year for the ongoing maintenance costs for the pool.

‘I am delighted by the Western Australian Government’s contribution and that they are part of this SRA.’

The Minister said that all the projects she had announced during her visit aimed to improve the lives of Indigenous people in the communities. Senator Vanstone also said the

Australian Government would provide additional support to the Warmun Community Council so that it can better deal with a range of issues, including making the community safer for children and families.

‘I am heartened by what I have seen, and by the positive attitude of communities towards working with governments to make things better for their people,’ the Minister said.

More information on Shared Responsibility Agreements is available at

2 August 2005

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