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Howard won't defend his own schools policy.

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Howard Won't Defend His Own Schools Policy Michael Lee - Shadow Minister for Education

Media Statement - 10 October 2000

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According to the Government's new funding system, The King's School in Parramatta and the Berowra Christian Community College are equally needy with an SES score of 116.

This is just ridiculous.

King's is a category 1 school and Berowra Christian Community School is a category 10 school.

In Question Time today I asked the Prime Minister whether he believed that these two schools were equally needy.

He refused to answer.

If the Prime Minister doesn't have faith in his own system how can anyone else?

The new SES system throws up all sorts of other ridiculous results.

It shows that Geelong College in Victoria (Cat 1) - with an SES score of 109 - has the same level of need as The Good Shepherd Lutheran Primary School in Croydon (Cat 9).

It shows that St Peters College in Adelaide (Cat 1) - with an SES score of 116 - has the same level of need as St John's Lutheran School in Highgate (Cat 10).

It even shows that Geelong Grammar - with an SES score of 111 - is not among the wealthiest 217 schools in the country.

I challenge the Prime Minister to say that he believes any of these pairs of schools have equal needs.

If he won't how can he defend the system if he refuses to defend its results?

Authorised by Geoff Walsh, 19 National Circuit, Barton ACT 2600.