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National Internet Legal Practice.

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Media Release

The Hon Daryl Williams AM QC MP

Attorney- General


1 September 1999






I am pleased to announce that the Commonwealth Government is assisting to establish an Internet Legal Practice with the Communicat ions Law Centre.


The Commonwealth is providing $73,900 to the Communications Law Centre for the establishment of an Internet Legal Practice.


A one-off grant for capital acquisition will assist the Communications Law Centre to establish a new resource for consumers, community organisations and small business.


The proposed service will help people participate more effectively in the on-line economy by providing information, advice, referral and education services by phone, face to face, publication or over the Internet.


The primary aim is to help people solve legal problems associated with the use of communications services, especially the Internet and on-line services.


A key element of the Government’s Strategic Framework for the Information Economy (issued December 1998) is the encouragement of business and consumer confidence in the information economy.


Community organisations are also starting to operate on-line. Around 25% of Community Legal Services operate a web site to promote their services.


The provision of community legal services is an important aspect of our Australian legal system in addressing the needs of people who otherwise are unable to access legal services.


Currently 48% of small business are connected to the Internet and 12% sell by e-commerce.


It is estimated that 33% of small business will be using e-commerce within 12 months.


The Government is assisting the development of e-commerce and the Electronic Transactions Bill that I recently introduced to Parliament will facilitate the appropriate legal framework for the continued development of electronic commerce.


I believe that the National Internet Legal Practice initiative will complement the Government’s approach in encouraging the development of on-line communication and services by ensuring that specialist legal advice in this area is available to all members of the community.


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