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PM Howard's new Kyoto: "A nice little PR ploy"

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7 November 2006

PM Howard's new Kyoto: "A nice little PR ploy"

Senator Milne, Wednesday, 1st November 2006

Prime Minister John Howard's bid to forge a "new Kyoto" agreement is more hot air from a government desperate to look as if it's doing something about climate change while it evades taking serious action, the Australian Greens said today.

Greens climate change spokesperson Senator Christine Milne said the international community already had a global agreement to address climate change - the Kyoto Protocol - but the Howard government had undermined it at every turn.

"After securing a special deal for Australia to increase its greenhouse emissions under the Kyoto Protocol, Prime Minister Howard walked away from the agreement and has refused to ratify it to this day," Senator Milne said in Canberra.

"His substitute, the Asia Pacific partnership (AP6), is based on voluntary action, has not timelines and no targets, and the US Congress has not even funded its involvement. As US Republican Senator John McCain said of AP6, it amounts to "nothing more than a nice little public relations ploy".

"All we are seeing now from Prime Minister Howard is more twists than the Tango as he tries to show that he's doing something about climate change when he's doing nothing.

"The climate negotiations which commence in Nairobi next week will be a major test for the government as the global community works on an international plan of action for the period after the Kyoto Protocol ends in 2012.

"Until Australia commits to global action and indicates that it is prepared to enter a regime of enforceable targets for the period beyond Kyoto, the Prime Minister can't be taken seriously."

Senator Milne will be attending the climate talks in Nairobi from 10 November.

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