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Anti-development group should be defunded.

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MEDIA RELEASE DAVID TOLLNER MP Federal Member for Solomon 2 August 2006


The Environment Centre of the Northern Territory should be completely defunded by the NT government according to Federal MHR David Tollner.

Mr Tollner says that recent actions of the Centre have proved them to be “a pack of economic vandals who are working towards the destruction of prosperity in the Northern Territory”.

“Their opposition to mining development in the Batchelor area proves yet again that they are not interested in either economic development or environmental responsibility” Mr Tollner said.

“This mine not only means jobs and prosperity for Territorians, but it will also accelerate and relieve much of the taxpayer burden in relation to the rehabilitation of the old Rum Jungle uranium mine.

“Through their opposition to this project and practically everything else, the Environment Centre shows that they are nothing more than a bunch a left wing hand wringers, who act against the public interest, and who demonstrate a complete absence of scientific rigour in their rhetoric,” Mr Tollner said.

A quick glance at the Centre’s website identifies the organisation as overtly anti-everything. They are; anti-uranium mining, anti-McArthur River mine, anti-cotton, anti-Ord, anti-agriculture, anti-Tiwi Island tree felling, anti-sea cage farming, anti-industry, anti-residential development, anti-fishing, anti-nuclear waste management. It could be argued they are anti-everything that can bolster the economy.

The Environment Centre is only funded by the Territory Labor Government since the Federal government ceased funding the organisation in 2004.

"I don't mind this organisation existing but I fail to see why taxpayers should foot the bill. I am calling on the Northern Territory Government to cut the Environment Centre’s funding to zero before the Centre wastes more taxpayers’ money on campaign's that are not in the public interest," Mr Tollner said.

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