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Australia-Indonesia security treaty.

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Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs, Trade and International Security AUSTRALIA-INDONESIA SECURITY TREATY 8 November 2006 Labor welcomes in principle the announcement of an Australia-Indonesia Security Treaty as it goes some way to meeting Labor’s repeated call for over two years for the implementation of a Comprehensive Regional Counter Terrorism Strategy for South East Asia.

This is a positive step forward on a long road towards a comprehensive counter-terrorism strategy for our own region, our own neighbourhood, our own backyard.

Given the continuing threat of terrorism in our own region, strong relationships with our neighbours must remain a critical priority for any Australian Government. It is particularly important due to the fact that the Iraq war has made Australia and Australian interests abroad a greater terrorist target than they otherwise would have been.

That’s why, consistent with Labor’s Comprehensive Regional Counter Terrorism Strategy, we hope that the new Treaty encompasses:

• An audit of our region’s counter terrorism capabilities; • The implementation of coordinated strategies of prevention and protection; • An Emergency response management framework (in the event that

terrorist attacks occur); and • A ‘hearts and minds’ strategy to address the underlying political, economic and societal factors which terrorist groups exploit to their advantage.

Labor reserves its position on the remainder of the Treaty, pending a formal Departmental briefing on its details. Ends. 8 November 2006

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