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Extra child care places for New South Wales.

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Hon. Warren E Truss, MP

Minister for Community Services 

3 December 1998




Minister for Community Services Warren
Truss has today announced an increase in new child care places for school-age children in New South Wales as part of the Federal Government's on-going commitment to providing affordable and quality child care services. 


Mr Truss said the Federal Government's National Growth Strategy for children aged 5-12 years will provide an extra 2290 Outside School Hours Care places through 56 child care services from the beginning of Term 1, 1999. 


"The Federal Government is ensuring that new child care places are extended in those areas of greatest need. This will help to provide a long-term sustainable child care sector," Mr Truss said. 


"Outside School Hours Care services recognise that the need for quality child care continues after children go to school. Where possible, before and after school and vacation care will be provided in the same facility. 


The services will receive $700,000 to provide extra places to help meet the growing demand for outside school hours care. More than $1 million in Childcare Assistance will also be paid to eligible NSW families using these new places and the Childcare Rebate will provide further help in meeting costs. 


"As a result of the reforms by the Federal Government, more than 80,000 families across Australia are now eligible for outside school hours support." 


Mr Truss said improving access to child care is a priority for the Federal Coalition. For many families these new services will provide access to child care assistance for the first time. 


"There is a high demand for school-age care in both metropolitan and rural areas. This type of care is essential for working parents and for the development and safety of school-age children," Mr Truss said.  


"Ten new rural child care services have been approved for rural and remote area access in New South Wales." 


Families who need more information about child care should call the Commonwealth Government's national Child Care Hotline on 1800 670 305. 



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