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PVC dumping inquiry.

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The Hon Warren Truss, MP

Minister for Customs and Consumer Affairs

Deputy Leader of the House


6 May 1998






The Minister for Customs and Consumer Affairs, Warren Truss, announced today that he had accepted the Anti-Dumping Authority’s (ADA) recommendation not to impose anti-dumping measures against exports of PVC resin to Australia from Germany, Hungary, India, Israel and the Netherlands.


The Minister said the ADA had found that there were insufficient grounds for the imposition of dumping duties on the PVC imports.


The ADA had acknowledged that dumping had occurred and there had been material injury to the Australian industry but as these imports represented only 3 per cent of the Australian market it was not likely that these products were responsible for the damage.


“This was a complex case, where the ADA had reached a different conclusion from the preliminary finding by the Australian Customs Service. Customs’ finding had resulted in interim duties being imposed on these exporters,” Mr. Truss said.


Some of the dumped PVC from Germany was imported by the Australian industry. Exports from another German company were at negligible dumping margins which resulted in the inquiry into their exports being terminated in accordance with World Trade Organisation requirements.


The Minister said the ADA also found that the Australian industry’s profit position had actually improved during the inquiry period.




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