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Drugs still hitting the streets of NSW.

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Wednesday, 3 May 2000

Senator John Tierney today criticised the lack of action from the NSW Carr Government to curb the state's drug crisis, following 2 separate incidents in the last 48 hours involving either alleged drug dealers or manufacturers.

In the first incident, police charged a man near Goulburn yesterday for supplying heroine after a search of his car revealed $6 million worth of the drug. In the second incident, 3 people have been arrested in connection with drug manufacturing in Sydney's western suburbs.

"It's time the NSW ALP Government got serious about curbing the drug problem in our state and implemented policies that reflect the community's desire to stop the drug trade," Senator Tierney said.

"The Carr Government is failing to deter drug dealers and manufacturers from continuing their industry in the NSW.

"The proof is in the statistics about drug usage that show NSW has more drug overdoses that any other state.

"There were 600 heroin overdoses in NSW last year. That's a 13% increase on the previous year and a 73% increase since 1989.

"While the Carr Government closes their eyes on the amount of heroin that is flooding our streets, the purity of the drug has risen threefold since they came to power.

Senator Tierney said the state government must fully implement the Federal Government's 'Tough on Drugs' strategy, to try and reduce the prevelance of drugs. This involves educating our children to the dangers of drug use, a zero tolerance on illicit drugs within our schools, a renewed commitment to rehabilitation and providing police with adequate resources to be able to crack drug rings.

"This trend of drug usage and availability cannot continue in NSW," Senator Tierney.

"The effect high drug usage is having on the community is evident in crime figures. The armed robbery rate in NSW is 3 times that of Victoria and the rate of increase in armed robbery has been 105% in 5 years. This compares to 15% in Victoria over the same period.

"Premier Carr's flawed policy is not attacking the drug menace at the supply level, which would make economic, social and common sense. Instead, he is leaving the dealers to infiltrate the streets and focusing on the users, who are the victims and the weakest link in the deadly drug chain."

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