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Democrats delay of a new tax system.

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Manager of Government Business in the Senate




Democrats Delay of A New Tax System


The Government believes that the delay of the further consideration of the tax reform bills until next week sought by the De mocrats is unreasonable and a breach of undertakings made in negotiations in the handling of the bills in November last year.


The Democrats have had four months to prepare amendments on the tax package.


They agreed to this special sitting fortnight, specifically to debate the tax reform bills and now have sought a delay.


Less than one day into the debate they sought to delay the debate for a week.


We have now reluctantly moved to adjourn further debate until Friday.


The Democrats had indicated they could be ready on Friday, but won’t even guarantee this now.


We have asked them to agree to support the extension of Senate sitting hours next week to make up whatever hours are lost this week.


Senator Lees has indicated she is not seeking to obstruct and delay consideration of the package. We are prepared to accept that in goodwill, if in that spirit she will agree to extend sitting hours this week.



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