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Budget 2004: Howard's numbers wrong.

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John Howard has been trying to sell his tax cuts by claiming that women’s wages are higher then they actually are.

Mr Howard’s mistake means that fewer women will benefit from the tax changes than he has been publicly implying.

The Prime Minister is clearly out of touch with circumstances of Australian working women.

Mr Howard has been suggesting that most women are in striking distance of a tax cut that starts at $52,000.

On the ABC radio yesterday he claimed:

Forty-nine thousand dollars a year is the average wage for a full-time female worker.

He repeated his claim on 2UE and 3AW.

Mr Howard’s figure is wrong.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the average wage for Australian working women is $43,550.

What’s more, total average women’s earnings - which includes part-time jobs which many women do - is just $30,305.

That means the average Australian working woman is over $20,000 dollars shy of the Budget tax cut.

Mr Howard must apologise for misleading Australian women about how many of them will benefit from the tax changes.

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13 May 2004

Media Release

Jenny MacklinMP Deputy Leader of the Opposition Shadow Minister for Employment, Education & Training Federal Member for Jagajaga