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New judicial assistance treaty with South Korea.

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Trade News

Mark Vaile — Trade Minister

Deputy Leader of the National Party


Friday, Sept 17, 1999



New judicial assistance treaty with South Korea


A treaty signed today with South Korea will provide closer cooperation in civil and legal procee dings.


In signing the treaty with Korean Foreign Affairs and Trade Minister, Hong Soon-young, Trade Minister, Mark Vaile, said it was a further important link in the close relationship between Korea and Australia.


The treaty arose from an initiative of the Supreme Court of South Korea, and is expected to be the catalyst for developing a network of such treaties between other nations in the Asia-Pacific region.


“This treaty will greatly reduce costs where the proceedings involve Australia and South Korea, allowing direct access to designated authorities in both countries without resorting to more complex diplomatic channels,” Mr Vaile said.


“The treaty will make it easier to serve court documents and take evidence in such proceedings. The treaty provides direct access to appropriate authorities in each country to facilitate serving documents and taking evidence,” Mr Vaile said.


“Under the treaty it will be much easier for Australian courts to take evidence from witnesses in South Korea. An Australian court will be able to take evidence by video link, appoint a commissioner to go to South Korea to examine witnesses or by requesting a Koran court to take evidence on behalf of the Australian court.”


Mr Vaile signed the treaty on behalf of Attorney-General, Daryl Williams. The treaty is expected to commence operation in late 1999.


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