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Troeth stresses importance of Senate to voters.

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Media Release


Judith Troeth

Parliamentary Secretary to

the Minister for Primary 

Industries and Energy



15 September 1998





Victorian Liberal Senator and Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Primary Industries and Energy, Judith Troeth, said during the launch of the Victorian Coalition Senate ticket in the federal electorate of McEwen today that voters in the forthcoming election needed to be aware of the importance of their senate vote.


“We should end the upper house obstructionism that has marred the Howard Government’s first term by lifting the numbers of Coalition Senators in the Senate.


The stranglehold that minor parties and independents have on the Senate means political leaders are not always in a position to deliver their original policy proposal, sometimes at the expense of the greater community. Government is then wrongly perceived as lacking in leadership.


Senator Troeth said, “Labor and Democrat Senators have voted against 75 per cent of Government legislation in the last two-and-a-half years. The Senate should not be a rubber stamp for the government of the day but it should act to improve legislation rather than obstruct it.”


“The Australian political system is one of the most democratic in the world but voters should be conscious of the consequences of their vote.”


Senator Troeth said, “There is a marked contrast between the two major political parties. The Coalition has a plan and direction for the future of Australia whilst the Labor Party continues to prop up long term problems with short term, quick-fix solutions.”


“A vote for the minor parties or an independent means the balance of power will continue to be in the hands of minority groups and individuals, giving them the authority to make significant decisions on behalf of all Australians.”


“It is as important for Senators to campaign and promote themselves as it is for Members of the House of Representatives. People need to know they have a voice in their Senator as well as their local Member and this is why the Victorian Coalition Senate team has hit the campaign trail,” Senator Troeth said.


The Victorian Coalition Senate team for the federal election on 3 October 1998 includes: Senator Judith Troeth, Senator Julian McGauran, Mr Tsebin Tchen, Senator Karen Synon, Mr Dino De Marchi and Ms Anna MacGowan.


During their visit they will be accompanied by Ms Fran Bailey, the Federal Member for McEwen.


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