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Telstra price hikes continue.

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TELSTRA PRICE HIKES CONTINUE Shadow Minister for Communications, Lindsay Tanner, today slammed Telstra’s latest price hike — a $126.50 charge for businesses that want to remain listed in all of the White Pages.

“Telstra’s Pacific Access have sent letters to customers advising that they are splitting the 2002/03 White Pages into two sections— business and residential.

“Businesses now listed in the White Pages will be automatically transferred to the new business section. Those wishing to remain in both the residential and business section will be slugged with a $126.50 fee.

“This affects self-employed and small business people working from home who now use the White Pages for business and residential purposes. Many people working from home are battlers who can hardly afford a $126.50 slug.

“Telstra’s post-election privatisation from within is extending right throughout the company. We have had mobile phone and Internet price hikes, secret network maintenance outsourcing, and the cancellation of the no-frills Easymail service. Now we have the imposition of $126.50 listing charges on small businesses wishing to remain in all of the White Pages.

“The Howard Government must rein in Telstra’s increasingly opportunistic and greedy corporate behaviour. Telstra is majority public owned and must start acting in the interests of the Australian people,” Mr Tanner said.

February 7, 2002.

For further information contact Lindsay Tanner or Peter van Vliet on (03) 9347 5000 or 0408 188 055.