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Transcript of doorstop interview: Ivanhoe Children's Community Co-op, Melbourne: 5 February 2007: Single waiting lists for childcare in local government areas.

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Jenny Macklin mp shadow minister for families and community services shadow minister for indigenous affairs and reconciliation federal member for jagajaga

TRANSCRIPT OF DOORSTOP INTERVIEW - Ivanhoe Children’s Community Co-op, Melbourne 05 FEBRUARY 2007


Subject: Single waiting lists for childcare in local government areas

JENNY MACKLIN: Thanks very much everyone for coming this morning on this very hot day.

What Labor’s proposing is - with the local governments all around Australia - to have one waiting list for childcare to make life easier for parents. We know one of the hardest things for parents is to find a childcare place for their children. Parents are really strapped for time, so what we want to do is help them out and provide one waiting list for childcare in each local government area. That way, we’ll have a more accurate idea about where there are childcare shortages as well as giving parents just that much more time.

JOURNALIST: What if the parents don’t actually like the childcare centre where a position has become available?

MACKLIN: Of course it’s always a matter for parents where their children are going to be cared for. We know parents are going to want high quality care; they’re going to have to make sure they can afford it, as well as it being in a place that’s convenient for them. So, of course, this is always going to be a choice for parents. What we want to do is just make choosing a little bit easier for parents, giving them accurate information about where childcare places are available and also making sure they don’t have to have their names down on 17 different childcare centres’ lists.

JOURNALIST: What happens if they are offered a position and they don’t take it? Do they go to the bottom of the list again then?

MACKLIN: Of course that’s not going to happen. What we want is to implement a practical policy that helps parents. It’s all about making sure that parents get the best information possible, that they don’t have to take as much time as they currently have to, finding a childcare place. It’s about helping parents out, about helping parents find the best available childcare centre for their child.

JOURNALIST: So what does happen if they don’t want the position that you’ve given them?

MACKLIN: Of course the parents are going to be able to say which child care place they want for their child. And that’s what needs to happen. We want to provide the best information available to parents. We want to be able to know in which areas we should be building new child care places. Labor is going to build

260 new childcare centres around Australia and we want to put those where they're really needed.

JOURNALIST: Talking to some people who have their children in childcare today, it sounds like an extraordinarily expensive business, up to $6,000 plus a year I’ve heard. How is this going to improve costs, or make things cheaper for people to afford?

MACKLIN: There are a number of things we have to do. One is to make sure that childcare is more affordable. And we also want to increase the quality of childcare. So Kevin Rudd and I have announced just last week that we’ll put $450 million of additional money into childcare, into pre school so that we can have more early childhood teachers in all of our childcare centres, in our preschools, to help improve the quality, but also to make sure that we drive down the costs of childcare.


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