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Roads to recovery: Queensland to receive $250 million boost.

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27 November 2000 B50/2000



Queensland local roads from the far north to the far south, east and west, are set to receive almost one quarter of the Federal Government’s 1.6 billion dollar road investment following today’s Roads to Recovery announcement by the Federal Government.

National Party leader in the Senate, Ron Boswell, said the identification of Queensland roads as an area for receiving much deserved funding would be well received in both rural and regional areas.

“In the Capricornia area, the local councils will receive an extra $22 million for road construction and repair.

“The areas’s of Aramac, Barcaldine, Ilfracombe, Jericho, Longreach and Winton councils will receive a total of almost $9 million over four years.

“In the area’s of Belyando, Bowen Broadsound, Fitzroy, Livingstone, Nebo, Peak Downs and Rockhampton councils will receive a total of almost $13 million over four years.

“This program will put bitumen on our roads and has been made possible through good budget management by this Coalition government.

“It is a long term vision for our roads - it is a Roads to Recovery program for local road construction and repair.”

Senator Boswell emphasised that the allocation of funding to local councils within each state would be done strictly in accordance with the formulae adopted by State Grants Commissions, established and applied under the previous government.

“There is no way this carefully considered investment package can be considered by anyone as boondoggling, pork barrelling or what ever the Labor party tries to brand it,” he said.

“This is a plan over 4 years, it is in addition to the current local Roads Grant and Black Spot funding, in addition to new flood funding, in addition to all other packages the Federal Government has initiated recently for the Sugar Industry, Dairy Industry, Trawling Industry, Qfever and rural health.

“There is a vision for our roads and it delivers on another priority identified at the Regional Australia Summit,” he said.

Senator Boswell said that of the $1.6 billion, $400 million over four years will be allocated to National Highway and Roads of National Importance projects to develop key arterial link roads in outer metropolitan areas.

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  2000-01 Current Local Roads Grant Roads to Recovery Total over 4 years

Aramac $382,773 $1,258,167

Barcaldine $361,961 $1,189,758

Belyando $693,403 $2,279,201

Bowen $521,720 $1,714,883

Broadsound $421,322 $1,384,877

Fitzroy $520,156 $1,709,742

Ilfracombe $113,063 $371,636

Jericho $400,666 $1,316,981

Livingstone $649,378 $2,134,462

Longreach $571,721 $1,879,235

Nebo $193,954 $637,523

Peak Downs $319,630 $1,050,617

Rockhampton $642,511 $2,111,920

Winton $895,042 $2,941,984

TOTAL$6,687,300 $21,981,015


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