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Federal Minister admits there is no Tassie package!

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Sue Mackay - Federal Minister Admits There Is No Tassie Package! Monday, 15 October 2001

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Federal Minister Admits There Is No Tassie Package!

Sue Mackay - Shadow Minister for Regional Services

Media Statement - 12 October 2001

Minister for Regional Services, Territories and Local Government, Senator Ian Macdonald, today made a major political blunder on the Coalition's lack of policy initiatives for Tasmania.

On Local ABC Radio this morning, Senator Ian Macdonald clearly stated the true position - there is no Tasmania-specific package from the Coalition in existence:

Tim Cox: There will be no special package for Tasmania in this election campaign from the Coalition?

Senator Macdonald: ……..We'll be releasing particular polices for the whole of Australia but a lot of them will have specific impact upon Tasmania.


"The Tasmanian Liberals have now rushed into damage control, to limit the local damage caused by Senator Macdonald's admission of no Tasmanian package from the Coalition.

"The Minister has now been 'corrected' by his junior, Special Minister for State, Senator Abetz, who quickly realised the likely political impact of Senator Macdonald's revelation on Tasmanian voters. Senator Abetz now claims there will be a Tasmania-specific package.

"However, if this Tasmanian package really existed, why didn't anyone from Senator Macdonald's party tell him before this morning? Because none existed.

"Whatever the Coalition cobbles together will obviously be a grab-bag of meaningless words designed to cover-up Senator Macdonald's admission. And this will obviously be more 'policy on the run' from the Coalition, without any local consultation or a considered strategy for the economic future of Tasmania.

"Tasmania is a unique part of Australia which needs specific policies that address the issues that face Tasmanians. Clearly the Liberals are so out of touch with Tasmanian issues they don't even offer

Tasmania any sort of a package during a federal election campaign. That is outrageous.

"Labor will be announcing its Tasmanian package during the course of the election campaign.

"If Tasmanians want a Federal Government that understands the needs of this state, they should definitely vote Labor at this upcoming Federal election", Senator Mackay said.

Authorised by Geoff Walsh, 19 National Circuit, Barton ACT 2600.