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Supercomputing partners launch research program.

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Media Release


Senator the Hon Ian Macdonald 

Parliamentary Secretary to the 

Minister for the Environment


25 August 1998




The Bureau of Meteorology and CSIRO today (Tuesday) launched a program of research and development designed to enhance the contribution that High Performance Computing (HPC) already makes towards Australian science and industry.

Sen ator Ian Macdonald, the Parliamentary Secretary for the Bureau of Meteorology welcomed the collaborative research workshop being held in Melbourne between the Bureau, CSIRO and NEC that will occur over the next two days.

"The Bureau of Meteorology undertakes many joint projects that are aimed at improving the Bureau's service to the public and identifying better ways to use their technology to serve the community.

"The two agencies joined together in a supercomputing partnership last year when they formed the High Performance Computing and Communications Centre (HPCCC) located at the Bureau's Head Office in Melbourne.

"The HPCCC is providing a powerful new tool for Australian science with the NEC SX-4 supercomputer which is amongst the worlds fifty most powerful research computers," Senator Macdonald said.

NEC Australia supplied the major supercomputer to the HPCCC - a NEC SX-4 computer with 32 processors that is rated to have a peak performance of 64 billion calculations per second.

The Bureau and CSIRO now propose to join with NEC in developing and enhancing the capabilities of the leading-edge high performance facilities currently available, concentrating on:

  • optimising parallel super-computing applications;
  • implementing large scale data management s ystems coupled to the supercomputer facilities, and
  • developing facilities and software to visualise the enormous data volumes generated in these applications.

"Results of the collaboration will assist the Bureau to improve the quality and cost-effectiven ess of its research on weather and climate and its delivery of services in operational monitoring and prediction of weather, the ocean state and seasonal conditions to the Australian community.

"The community is benefiting from the use of HPC as it provides more timely and accurate weather predictions, improved climate forecasting and climate change studies and a host of CSIRO applications across many areas of research in biotechnology, manufacturing, mineral exploration and the environment," Senator Macdonald said.

The project will help CSIRO improve the quality and effectiveness of its wide range of scientific and industrial research in areas such as atmospheric research, molecular science, building construction and engineering and minerals research. Revenue from any commercialisation will be shared among the partners.

The collaboration program will commence with an international workshop at the Bureau's Head Office in Melbourne on August 25 and 26.

International experts in the research fields of interest from Canada, U.K., Germany, and Switzerland and from NEC Headquarters in Tokyo will join Bureau and CSIRO scientists and computer specialists to review international developments and commence the detailed planning of individual research projects.


25 August 1998

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