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Hands off Aussie post!

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Federal Member for Chifley

PO Box 259 Mt Druitt NSW 2770


For Immediate Release




Roger Price MP, Federal Member for Chifley, will campaign against the deregulation of Australia’s postal service outside the Australia Post retail shop in Mt Druitt Marketown tomorrow at 12 Noon.


“The National Competition Council (NCC) has recommended the extensive deregulation of Australia’s postal services. If deregulation is allowed then Australia Post's mail volumes and financial viability will be undermined, crippling its network and leading to reduced services”, said Mr Price.


“If implemented, the Report’s recommendations will expose 93% or almost $3 billion of Australia Posts current revenue to the cream-skimming activities of private operators who would target the profitable high volume capital city business and ignore the rest”.


“The reduction in revenue will result in a drastic cost-cutting exercise, leading to:


* Increased postal charges for the vast majority of Australians. Australia Post would no longer be able to fund the uniform 45c basic postage rate which applies uniformly to all Australians;

* The closure of post offices - both Corporate and Licensed Post Offices;

* Longer delivery times, and,

* The cancelling of a range of services currently enjoyed by the community."


“Thousands of jobs will be lost and local communities will be hurt”, said Mr Price.


“I will speak against the NCC’s recommendations for postal deregulation in a Private Members’ motion, w hich I placed on the Notice paper, this coming Monday at Parliament House if Parliament meets as scheduled. I will strongly defend Australia’s postal services against the economic rationalist policies of the NCC and the Howard Government”.


“I urge all Australians to stand up and protect their postal service”, concluded Mr Price.


Media Contact: Michael Galderisi Phone: 9625-4344

Fax: 9832-2641


Dated: 27 August 1998