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Dissenting report relfects a Government in trouble.

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Senator Rachel Siewert Australian Greens Senator for WA

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Tuesday, 22 November 2005

Dissenting report reflects a Government in trouble �1


The�1 Australian�1 Greens�1 have�1 presented�1 a�1 damning�1 dissenting�1 report�1 to�1 the�1 Senate�1

Committee�1 inquiring�1 into�1 the�1 Government’s�1�1 so�1 called�1 IR�1�� reform�����1 ,�1 outlining�1 how�1 the�1 bill�1

will�1 entrench�1 an�1 Australian�1 underclass�1�1 of�1 working�1 poor�1 and�1 damage�1 the�1 economy.�1

The�1 dissenting�1 report�1 clearly�1 shows�1 why�1 the�1 flaws�1 in�1 the�1 Work�1 ‘Choices’�1 bill�1 will�1 not�1 be�1

solved�1 by�1 tinkering�1 around�1 the�1 edges�1 with�1 minor�1 amendments.�1�1

While�1 the�1 Coalition�, dominated�1 majority�1 report�1 has�1 recommended�1 some�1 amendments�1 to�1

the�1 IR�1 bill,�1 the�1 Greens�1 have�1 documented�1 a�1 range�1 of�1 impacts�1 on�1 low�, paid�1 workers,�1

women,�1 young�1 people�1 and�1 those�1 in�1 precarious�1 or�1 casual�1 employment.�1

‘The�1 way�1 this�1 bill�1 has�1 been�1 rushed�1 through�1 the�1 Parliament�1 and�1 the�1 contempt�1 with�1 which�1

the�1 Australian�1 people�1 have�1 been�1 treated�1 is�1 breathtaking.�1 The�1 growing�1 mood�1 of�1 anger�1 in�1

the�1 community�1 is�1 reflected�1 in�1 recent�1 polls�1 which�1 show�1 the�1 Government�1 at�1 a�1 four�1 year�1


The�1 dissenting�1 report�1 states:�1 ‘If�1 the�1 intention�1 was�1 to�1 undertake�1 genuine�1 reform�1 of�1 the�1

Australian�1 labour�1 market�1 to�1 address�1 skill�1 shortages,�1 work�, family�1 tensions,�1 precarious�1

employment�1 and�1 the�1 need�1 for�1 ongoing�1 productivity�1 gains,�1 the�1 responsible�1 course�1 would�1

be�1 to�1 engage�1 all�1 stakeholders�1 in�1 an�1 open�1 process�1 of�1 inquiry�1 that�1 gave�1 the�1 parliament�1 and�1

the�1 public�1 time�1 to�1 evaluate�1 options�1 and�1 proposals�1 -�1 so�1 they�1 could�1 draw�1 out�1 their�1

implications�1 for�1 different�1 sectors�1 and�1 develop�1 a�1 more�1 comprehensive�1 and�1 thought�, out�1

approach.�1 The�1 fact�1 that�1 this�1 dialog�1 has�1 not�1 happened,�1 and�1 that�1 consultation�1 has�1 been�1 so�1

severely�1 limited�1 to�1 make�1 it�1 ineffectual,�1 would�1 seem�1 to�1 suggest�1 that�1 the�1 government�1 does�1

not�1 have�1 the�1 best�1 interests�1 of�1 all�1 stakeholders�1 at�1 heart�1 and�1 are�1 pursuing�1 their�1 own�1

ideological�1 agenda.�1

The�1 dissenting�1 report�1 can�1 be�1 found�1 at�1�1�1