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Uniform laws for light vehicle towing limits.

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Media Release


John Anderson

Minister for Transport and Regional Services





21A 17 December 1998


The agreement between Commonwealth and State Transport Ministers on a consistent policy for light vehicle towi ng mass limits was welcomed today by the Federal Minister for Transport and Regional Services, John Anderson.


“Much of road transport reform is ‘big picture’ stuff focussing on heavy vehicles and the road transport industry,” Mr Anderson said. “These reforms affect transport efficiency, the health of the economy and ultimately the price of the goods we buy.


“But this is one area where all Australians can see a direct effect.


“Many people tow trailers, boats and caravans, especially at this time of the year. Until now the rules have been different, so that what you can tow legally in one State may be too heavy in another.”


To be introduced early next year, the policy will allow cars to tow up to the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended towing limit. Instead of having to deal with different rules every time a border is crossed, motorists will be safe in the knowledge that they are not running the risk of a potential fine.


The National Road Transport Commission was created to develop and recommend reforms of this sort and end confusion between jurisdictions, the Minister said. “I am pleased that all states and territories have voted with the Commonwealth in favour of this reform to benefit ordinary Australians.”



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