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Abetz move to make illegal logging legal.

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Senator Bob Brown Senator for Tasmania

Abetz Move to Make Illegal Logging Legal

Senator Brown, 8th January 2007

The Howard government's Minster for Forests and Conservation, Eric Abetz, is moving to deliberately send Australian wildlife to extinction, Greens Leader Bob Brown said today.

"In the wake of the Federal Court ruling that logging in Tasmania's Wielangta Forest is illegal because it threatened the rare Tasmanian wedgetailed eagle, swift parrot and Wielangta stag beetle, Senator Abetz has flogged amendments to extract the teeth from Australia's wildlife protection laws.

"This must involve breaking international law (the Biodiversity Convention 1992) as well as emasculating Australian law. At the start of an election year in which the environment will be centre stage, the minister's move will outrage voters right across Australia. He is saying that where government agencies break the nation's environment law, the government will change the law, not the agency. It is a case of the outlaws writing the law.

"The Greens will put up a huge fight to protect Australia's wildlife, and to stop this corruption of proper process. Senator Abetz, as minister for forest conservation, should be insisting Forestry Tasmania be prosecuted for breaking the law," Senator

Brown said.

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