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Labor's plan for natural gas.

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March 13, 2002


A Crean Labor Government will develop incentives for resource projects, which exploit offshore oil and gas reserves in a manner, which maximises the national interest.

Speaking at an Australian Energy Forum event in Darwin today, Labor’s Shadow Minister for Resources, Joel Fitzgibbon, said the current debate over the future of the Greater Sunrise gas field highlighted the need for the Commonwealth to become more pro-active in ensuring Australia’s energy resources are exploited in a manner which maximises the national interest.

“Australia’s resources must be developed in a manner which reduces import dependency and generates maximum economic, social and environmental benefit to all Australians, without compromising our material and environmental well being or our international competitiveness.

“Labor does not want to see global oil and gas companies strategically ‘sitting’ on leases in Australia while they develop leases overseas at Australia’s expense”, Mr Fitzgibbon told the Forum.

Mr Fitzgibbon said Labor would take a three-pronged approach to ensuring Greater Sunrise and other fields delivered maximum economic benefit to all Australians. He said in government, Labor’s Energy Task Force will be charged with: -

1. Increasing competition in up-stream oil and gas and applying tough use or lose principles when considering applications to develop oil and gas reserves.

2. Considering incentive-based taxation regimes, which reward those development proposals that maximise the national interest (like bringing Sunrise onshore).

3. Increasing domestic demand for gas to make resource projects more commercially viable.

“Australia’s gas network provides 18 percent of Australia’s primary energy needs and is forecast to reach only 24 per cent by the year 2020. Regardless of any success in raising investment levels in renewable energy forms, this is insufficient growth if we are to meet our environmental objectives and create sufficient domestic markets for our stranded gas reserves.

“Australia’s stranded gas reserves must be developed now or risk being stranded forever. There could be no greater warning sign of the need for greater government guidance in these matters than the threat that the Greater Sunrise field could be developed from a floating platform, denying the Northern Territory a huge economic boost”, Mr Fitzgibbon said.

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