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MP's super out of step say Democrats.

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Senator Lyn Allison Senator for Victoria Australian Democrats spokesperson for Superannuation

Press Release Dated: 15 Feb 2001 Press Release Number: 01/89 Portfolio: Superannuation Related: Public Service

MP’s super out of step say Democrats : Public Servants call for greater equity with Parliamentary Super Over the last two days of Senate hearings, public servants have pointed to the discrepancy between the Parliamentary superannuation scheme, which is based on wage increases of parliamentarians, and their own superannuation which is linked to CPI.

Democrats’ Superannuation Spokesperson, Senator Lyn Allison, says public servants politely told the Senate superannuation committee in this inquiry that there was one rule for the parliamentarians and another for public servants in their quest to link their pensions with average weekly ordinary time earnings (AWOTE) rather than CPI.

Senator Allison says this is just another way in which the parliamentary superannuation scheme offends against community standards. If CPI is OK for retired public servants, then indexation for parliamentarians should not be more generous.

Retirees from the Defence Forces also pointed out that widows receive only 62.5% of their partners' benefits whereas for the surviving spouse of parliamentarians it is 83%, Senator Allison says.

Their pensions have eroded since 1996 with low inflation and the low CPI, which has not reflected the growth in national productivity over the period.

Senator Allison again called for action by the Government to reform the parliamentary superannuation scheme in line with community standards and reflective of contributions made during the time of office.

The Government says it wants further reform in the public service to move to a full accumulation scheme but is still not prepared to move on parliamentary entitlements.

This inquiry again points to the preferential treatment parliamentarians have provided for themselves.


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