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NT News soccer story false.

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NT News soccer story false


Statement by Commissioner for NT Northern Zone Mr Kim Hill

A story in today’s NT News, “ATSIC in UK soccer deal” which claims the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission (ATSIC) is sponsoring the Clitheroe Football Club in the English Lancashire League is false.

The story has been picked up from the British newspaper, The Sun, and clearly has not been checked with ATSIC in the NT.

No ATSIC funding has been provided.

ATSIC has provided promotional posters and materials to the Clitheroe Football Club.

This followed a request from a fan, Mr Bruce Dowles, who has an ongoing relationship with the Central Australian community of Mt Liebig.

Mr Dowles organised an Aboriginal theme for the opening of the club’s first match of the season and requested the promotional material.

ATSIC, in line with our commitment to raise public awareness of Indigenous rights and culture to the broader community, was happy to provide this material as we do to the general public.

By all accounts the promotion was a tremendous success.

For further information: Francine Chinn (08) 8944 5558 or 0419 819 025


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