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Illawarra warrants a sweet sugar farm deal.

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Michael Organ MP

Greens Member for Cunningham

***** MEDIA RELEASE ***** 29 April 2004


Cunningham MP Michael Organ is calling on the Federal government to put as much effort and financial assistance into the Illawarra as it has for Queensland sugar farmers, in light of the Prime Minister’s announcement today of a $440 million rescue package for the sugar industry.

“The Illawarra needs, deserves and has a right to expect the Federal government to go a few extra yards for the region. If Howard can afford to give sugar farmers up to $1000,000 per farmer as well as grants for them to modify their businesses, surely they can find the time and money to prioritise the Illawarra as well.

“Wollongong has one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation, our hospital services are being wound back, public school funding is manifestly inadequate and our train services and roads need repair.

“We have great opportunities to expand employment in the region - we just need a bit of help from the government to get things started. The Illawarra is a fantastic place for tourism, high tech industry and an expanded Port Kembla.

“To date I have invited the Prime Minister, the Deputy Prime Minister and the Employment Minister to visit our region to witness our problems and our opportunities for employment growth - as none can find the time, it is clear that Howard’s promise of governing for all of us remains hollow.

“Unless the Illawarra also gets a fair go, the sugar package is nothing more than an election sweetener.” Michael Organ said

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***** MEDIA RELEASE *****