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Wik deal panders to Pauline.

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Bob Brown

Australian Greens Senator for Tasmania


Wednesday, 01 July 1998


Wik Deal Panders to Pauline


Greens Senator Bob Brown has said Senator Harradine has pandered to the politics of Pauline Hanson by stealing from indigenous Australians.


“He danc ed with them now he is stealing from them. He is despicable,” said Senator Brown.


“The deal between Howard and Harradine is a tragedy for Australia with the consequences to be felt for generations to come.


“In taking away the indigenous peoples right to negotiate on mining, Harradine is Hanson. They’re eye to eye on this.


If anyone wondered why the Prime Minister prefers One Nation and Senator Harradine to the Greens and the Democrats in the Senate, this is it,” said Senator Brown.


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