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Bligh's confusing comparisons.

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Senator Barnaby Joyce

Senator for Queensland


Wednesday, 29 November 2006

Author/Owner: Senator Barnaby Joyce

Queensland Senator Barnaby Joyce read, with great interest, comments made in Parliament yesterday by Deputy Queensland Premier Anna Bligh in relation to the Borumba Dam.

“Anna Bligh could be floundering already in the proposed Traveston dam. Let’s get something clear: it is on the record we were talking about capacity and not yield. But, I am reasonable and am only too happy to clarify aspects of the debate. I would welcome a public debate with the Deputy Premier to clarify these issues so there can be no more confusion in the future and the people of Queensland would then have a good chance to see the facts that it could be suggested Ms Bligh is trying to hide.

“I have only dealt with figures relating to the capacity of the Borumba Dam, not input or output, as she would have you believe.

“If, for example, the wall at Borumba Dam was raised by 35m, to 170m, the storage capacity would be approximately 450 000 mega litres, which would be an increase of ten times its’ current capacity; no properties would be resumed and no animals would become extinct.

“Let’s get these issues out on the table for public debate. These ‘I said, you said, tit for tats’ aren’t making the issue any clearer for the people of Queensland and, unless Premier Beattie, Deputy Premier Bligh and the Queensland Government have

something to hide, let’s have a public debate. Let’s have the debate in the Mary Valley in front of the people who are going to lose everything they have due to this travesty.

“As Ms Bligh has stated, I am a Senator for all of Queensland. I want Premier Beattie to look these Queenslanders in the eye and explain to them why their livelihoods will be changed forever for the sake of his own ego.”

"If Anna Bligh has nothing to hide, she has nothing to fear. I welcome the debate if she feels safer doing under parliamentary privilege in George Street - that in itself is a clear statement to the people of Queensland what a profligate waste of money, social

hurt and lack of a solution this dam will be." Senator Joyce said.