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Transport industry confirms cheaper petrol.

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Australia’s peak road transport organisation, the Road Transport Forum (RTF), has today backed Federal Government claims that reduced diesel excise and removal of wholesale sales taxes will hold down petrol prices at the bowser for Australian motorists.


Members of the Road Transport Forum are responsible for fuel deliveries from Australia’s refineries to all petrol stations.


The umbrella group, of which the Northern Territory Road Transport Association is a member, agree with the Coalition that a reduction in diesel excise costs will result in reduced transport costs and see benefits flowing on to consumers at the petrol bowser, for a stronger Australia.


The organisation says Labor’s Simon Crean owes them an apology as “ his claim of increased petrol pricing is totally unfounded .


The President of the Northern Territory Road Transport Association, Mr. Andrew Woods, said “ Mr. Crean obviously does not understand the issues being discussed .


Speaking at Finemore's Fuel Haulage Depot at Wagga Wagga in the NSW Central West today, the Federal Minister for Transport and Regional Development, Mark Vaile, said the Road Transport Forum’s position helps confirm that petrol prices for motorists in Australia will not rise with the Coalition tax plan.


“We are reducing the excise on petrol by an equivalent amount to offset the impact of the GST to effectively zero at the pump”, Mr. Vaile said.


“On top of that we’re cutting the cost of road haulage for petrol tankers delivering to regional Australia by an amount the Road Transport Forum estimates to be between 6.7% and 18% of the operating costs of the road transport company (depending on the freight task at hand).


“The Road Transport Forum has now confirmed that these savings will be passed on to consumers.


“The Labor Party — which is offering precisely nothing for motorists except a guarantee of higher car prices — cannot match our cut to the delivery component of petrol prices


“These measures will compensate for the price differential between town and country and help hold costs down.


The Minister said the price gap between city and country petrol prices will progressively be closed to ensure fairness in country and city petrol pricing.


“Speculation that the price gap would widen with the GST is baseless and is only designed to generate fear. Across the board we are lowering costs to bring prices down. We have maintained and extended the diesel excise exemption.


“The significant reduction in excise will ensure petrol prices will not rise with GST -in fact in the case of businesses — petrol prices will fall by 7 cents a litre ”, Mr. Vaile said.


“Labor, on the other hand, jacked up the excise on petrol from 7 cents a litre to 36 cents a litre between 1983 and 1996 and would do nothing to address fuel prices if re-elected.


On any debate about delivering lower prices and fairness in fuel pricing — the Coalition must win hands down every time”, Mr. Vaile said.


Mark Vaile is available for interview now on: 0418 229 227 or 0418 474 680