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Labor state government manages to locate Waroona.

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In what Canning MHR Don Randall labelled an opportunistic media release by the Labor State Government, South West Minister Bob Kucera committed $250,000 toward the Waroona Town Centre project.

This funding almost matches a commitment made by Mr Randall on behalf of the Federal Government over six months ago.

“I announced $286,500 of federal funds for this project in August 2004 and it has taken the Labor State Government six months to take in interest in the development and find Waroona on the map” said Mr Randall.

“Mr Kucera has the cheek to announce that due to Gallop Government funding the project will now ‘begin’,”

“This development project was a collaborative effort between the Peel Development Commission, Shire of Waroona, Alcoa and the Federal Government which in fact commenced last year.”

“If the Labor State Government were truly serious about the Town Centre project however they would build the much needed bypass road to ensure heavy road trains and haulage vehicles would not pass through the centre of town.”

Mr Randall is looking forward to seeing the town centre take shape over the coming months adding that assistance and recognition in regional projects by the State Government was always welcomed.

“I am happy that Waroona has finally appeared on the Labor Party’s radar and they have decided to invest some money into this fantastic project,” said Mr Randall.