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Couldn't we please honour the suffragettes with policies that support new millennium women?

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Nicola Roxon MP Shadow Minister for Children and Youth

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Couldn’t we please honour the suffragettes with policies that support new millennium women?

“Today’s announcement by Minister Vanstone of the commissioning of a major public artwork to commemorate women’s suffrage is a worthy project.”

“But Australian women of this millennium will not accept honoring of the past as a trade off for the current need for paid maternity leave, affordable child care or workplace regulation that provides security to working parents."

Nicola Roxon MP today attacked the Howard Government’s policies for women when speaking at the Women’s Constitutional Convention in Canberra.

Her speech entitled ‘When will politics catch up with my life? Responding to the needs of today’s young women’ outlined how new millennium women expect governments to provide flexible policies that allow choices between raising a family, pursuing a career or a combination of the two.

“Regressive policies like the Government’s ‘baby bonus’, designed to financially reward most generously those women on the highest incomes only if they stay at home for five years, are not in step with the realities of modern life for many young women.”

“Whilst it is only one of a whole range of proposals to meet changing life needs, Labor’s recent announcement committing to paid maternity leave will help address the need for low income women to receive paid leave and retain job security. It will also meet the desire of many young mothers to retain a connection to the paid workforce, and receive recognition that their skills and experience are of value to their employer and society as a whole.”

“This is precisely the kind of option that a new millennium woman is looking for.”

“With insecurity in the workplace, high divorce rates, the pace of change in our lives, and increased costs of living, we simply can’t avoid the reality of the range of needs of so many women across their lifecycle.”

A full copy of Nicola’s speech is available from her website at or by contacting Matt Nurse on 03 9687 7355.

12 June 2002