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Citrus juice exports to Japan set to grow.

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Media Release

Mark Vaile

Trade Minister

Deputy Leader of the National Party


Thursday, August 26,1999




Citrus juice exports to Japan set to grow


Trade Minister, Mark Vaile, today welcomed Japanese moves to free up market access for Australia n citrus juice paving the way for greater exports.


Mr Vaile said the Japanese Government’s amendments to its Food Sanitation Law would result in Australian companies no longer suffering disruptions to their exports of orange and other citrus juices containing small amounts of the mould, Alternaria citri, that can cause small black particles in juices.


Alternaria citri is a naturally occurring mould found in citrus the World over. I’m very pleased that the Japanese Ministry of Health has accepted our scientifically-based arguments on its prevalence, and that it poses no health risk,” Mr Vaile said.


‘The changes to the Food Sanitation Law will enable Australian companies to continue their exports to Japan and to expand them. However, exporters will be required to use finer screens to reduce the number and size of the particles.


‘The changes will benefit the two most affected companies, Knispel Bros of Moorook in the South Australian Riverland, and the Melbourne-based Original Juice Company, that sources its fruit from several areas including the Sunraysia region.


“While the citrus industry has experienced some tough times, it is becoming more focused on export opportunities. Taking up these opportunities creates jobs for Australians and income for growers and manufacturers.”


“Opportunities are particularly bright for pulpy-style juices with demand for this product growing rapidly.


“This improved market access has been achieved by cooperation between industry and Government, including Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service and Austrade staff.”




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