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Declaration of the poll.

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Federal Member for Chifley

PO Box 259 Mt Druitt NSW 2770


For Immediate Release




“I am once again delighted to be given the opportunity and responsibility to be the Federal Member for Chifley and serve the people of the electorate”, said Mr Roger Price, the ALP candidate, on the occasion of the declaration of the poll for the seat of Chifley.


“I am determined to work in the best interests of the people of my electorate, whom I am so very proud to represent, even if this gets me into strife from time to time”, said Mr Price.


“The swing of 6.47% towards the ALP in Chifley was very gratifying after the shock of 1996. This result was achieved against the largest field that I have ever contested and without the benefit of the donkey vote”.


“I wish to place on record my deep appreciation for the army of branch members and volunteers who worked tirelessly to achieve this result”.


“Kim Beazley did a tremendous job to claw back 20 seats from the depths of the 1996 defeat, which was our worst on record. The ALP will now need to work harder to develop as a real alternate government primed for victory at the next election”, said Mr Price.


“However, I am keenly disappointed that we did not gain any extra seats in Western Sydney. Although there are a number of reasons for that, the task was made almost impossible after Mr Tanner’s outbursts on ABC radio about Badgerys Creek during the campaign. These remarks focussed attention on the ALP position rather than the Government’s. However they were no doubt very helpful for inner-city campaigns”.


“In the new Shadow Ministry ALP Federal Members holding seats in the vicinity of KSA (Kingsford Smith Airport) have all been given a place at the table. But in Western Sydney??? It is a very clear demonstration of the strangle hold of innercity ALP Members on power, particularly in the NSW Right”.


“No doubt John Murphy MP and Mike Hatton MP must be wondering what they did wrong because every other Right Wing Federal Member (other than in Western Sydney) has been given a position in the Shadow Ministry”.


“Whether by accident or design, in Western Sydney Shadow Ministers are an endangered species and Parliamentary Secretaries extinct. This is somewhat unusual for a region of some one and a half million people, claimed to be the ALP Heartland. It's as though we are merely factional flotsam and jetsam, punished for the failure to win any seats, and/or a petulant resignation”, said Mr Price.


“The inevitable comparison with the Liberal Party’s elevation of Jackie Kelly MP to the Ministry and the ALP void is sure to be made and not altogether easy to explain away”, concluded Mr Price.


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Dated : 21 October 1998 Fax: 9832-2641