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Minister welcomes wool industry push for trade reform.

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Media Release


John Anderson

Minister for Primary Industries and Energy



8th April, 1998




Federal Primary Industries Minister, John Anderson, today praised the leadership demo nstrated by the Wool Council Australia on the issue of trade liberalisation.


The WCA recently released an information pamphlet outlining how impediments to free trade affect Australia's wool industry. The pamphlet cites studies of the US market which conclude that trade liberalisation would deliver estimated potential benefits of $3000 per woolgrower given free access of wool and wool textiles to the US market - alone.


Mr Anderson encouraged all growers to seek a copy of this pamphlet.


"Trade liberalisation is an issue that is progressed at a Government to Government level and the Coalition Government is tenaciously pursing enhanced trading conditions for Australia's agricultural exports," the Minister said.


"Last week I stressed the importance of strong grass-roots support for this initiative and mentioned the ambassadorial role of producers and their representative bodies in recent Cairns Group Farm Leaders meetings.


"I applaud the Wool Council Australia's renewed push for a reduction in trade barriers applying to the international wool flow and its urging all woolgrowers to become advocates for reform.


"98% of Australia's wool production finds its way to overseas consumers. The dependence of the wool industry and indeed rural Australia on exports and access to foreign markets can not be overstated.


The Minister also welcomed the commitment shown by Australian and international farm group leaders to global trade reform at the recent high level Cairns Group meeting on agricultural trade in Sydney.


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