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Government's decision on automotive tariffs disappointing.

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CRAIG EMERSON Member for Rankin


13 December 2002

Government’s decision on automotive tariffs disappointing

The Government’s decision to cut tariffs to 5 per cent after 2010 is disappointing and unjustified.

Labor opposes any further reduction in automotive tariffs below 10 per cent from 2010 pending a further review in 2006-07.

The Government has broadly taken up Labor’s suggestion of another inquiry before 2010 into future assistance arrangements post-2010.

But it begs the question why have an inquiry when the Government has already committed to further tariff reductions after 2010?

The Government has also told car makers it expects them to fight unions in the courts. A $1 million fighting fund is being established to finance the confrontation.

Rather than inflaming disputes and encouraging confrontation, Labor supports roundtable discussions involving industry and union representatives to resolve any difficulties resulting from the current round of enterprise bargaining.

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