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Report card: Tony Abbott and Mal Brough.

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Cheryl Kernot - Report Card - Tony Abbott And Mal Brough Thursday, 17 May 2001

Report Card - Tony Abbott And Mal Brough Cheryl Kernot - Shadow Minister for Employment and Training

Media Statement - 16 May 2001

Name: Tony Abbott and Mal Brough Subject: Employment and employment services

Recent press reports suggest further policy reversals and copying of Labor policy in the area of assistance to the unemployed.

Subject (Labor Policy)

Due date/ Date first proposed by Labor

Tony's attempt

Date handed in Comment

Workforce 2010 -(Workforce Council, Skills profiles, Targeted retraining, Overhaul of Job Network)

23/2/2000 Job Outlook 2000 9/11/2000

Tony's joint attempt with Peter set the pattern for future behaviour: ridicule but then copy. D

Earning Credit Scheme

In place until 1997 when Tony's class mates abolished it

Transition Bank 14/5/2001 Had a perfectly good one which he threw away. D

Training for Work for the Dole December 1997

Up to $800 for each Work for the Dole participant 14/5/2001

Not a bad attempt, but marks deducted for being at least 3 ½ years late. C

Allowing people over 55 with Superannuation to access unemployment benefits and employment services

In place until 1997 when access was stopped. Included in Labor's '45+' proposals

Allowing people over 55 with Superannuation to access unemployment benefits


Unclear whether access is also granted to employment services. Had a perfectly good one which he threw away in the name of mutual obligation. D

Guaranteed training under the Job Network March 2000

Increased training assistance for the Job Network 14/5/2001

Very vague answers. Requires more work. Will grade when resubmitted.

Giving Job Network providers greater say in the Job Seeker Classification Instrument so as to fix inappropriate referrals.

March 1999 Job Network to evaluate level of need for jobless


A good attempt, still needs work though. C+

Publishing of comprehensive data about the Job Network including Net Impact Studies

February 2000 Job Network: A net impact study April 2001

Incorrectly thought that no longer receiving unemployment benefits was the same as having a job. D

"Prone to use of ridicule and juvenile debating tactics; needs to avoid tendency for copying others ideas as though original. Also needs to work on attitude and realise that mutual obligation is a two way street."

Commenting on Tony's Report Card, Cheryl Kernot, Shadow Minister for Employment and Training said today:

"With unemployment on the rise the Government's latest policy reversals are an admission that their current approach isn't working. A change of attitude is needed to recognise that training and assistance is required for the unemployed, not punishment and vilification." Authorised by Geoff Walsh, 19 National Circuit, Barton ACT 2600.

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