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Just admit when you are wrong Andrews.

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Australian Democrats Press Releases

Senator Lyn Allison Parliamentary Leader and Democrats Senator for Victoria

Dated: 27 July 2007 Portfolio: Attorney General & Justice Related: Immigration and Multicultural Affairs


Whilst the Commonwealth DPP has dropped the charges against Dr. Haneef, the Immigration Minister continues to vilify him by leaving the spectre of deportation hanging over his head.

“At last ‘some’ sanity has prevailed. The DPP has finally realised what many of us suspected, this trumped up charge was going nowhere,” said Senator Allison.

“But still the government sticks to its lines. They know they’ve gone past the point of no return on this one and are trying to buy some time.”

“This doesn’t sound like a government whose primary concern is our security but scoring cheap political points at the expense of an innocent man”.

“Dr. Haneef has endured a living hell over the last three weeks, with his reputation destroyed and for what? He and his family had dreamed of living in Australia where his skills are badly needed. But where does all this leave him now and just as important, where does this leave our government? Hopefully not in power after the election”, said Senator Allison