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East Timor: MPR [Indonesian People's Consultative Assembly] revokes Indonesian control.

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News Release

Laurie Brereton, MP

Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs


20 October 1999





The Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs, Laurie Brereton, today welcomed the decision of the Indonesian Pe ople’s Consultative Assembly (MPR) to formally revoke Indonesia’s control over East Timor.


“The MPR’s decision to revoke East Timor’s incorporation into Indonesia formally ends twenty-four years of often brutal rule”, Mr Brereton said.


“This action clears the way for the establishment of a United Nations Transitional Administration and the birth of a new nation - a free East Timor.”


“Indonesia can make no claim to East Timor or the petroleum resources of the Timor Gap.” “Indonesia must now respect East Timor’s territorial integrity.”


“The militias operating in West Timor must be disarmed without further delay.”


“The Indonesian military must guarantee that these groups will immediately cease all operations across the border into East Timor.”


“Australia and the international community must make it absolutely clear to Jakarta that further efforts by the Indonesian military to promote conflict in or otherwise destabilise East Timor will only damage Indonesia’s international reputation and economic interests.”


“The MPR’s decision has the potential for a new beginning in relations between Indonesia, East Timor and Australia. Every effort must be made to ensure that this is indeed the case.”




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