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CASA regulations dumped by Democrats.

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Senator Brian Greig Senator for Western Australia Australian Democrats spokesperson for Transport

Press Release Dated: 8 Nov 2000

Press Release Number: 00/687 Portfolio: Transport 

CASA regulation dumped by Democrats The Australian Democrats today successfully abolished the Government’s plan to make aircraft owners sign over the Certificates of Registration for their aircraft to the person responsible for carrying out the maintenance work on their plane.

Under the Government’s Civil Aviation Regulation Number 47 (CAR 47), the person who has paid for and bought the aircraft would not hold its ownership papers. This would pave the way for a legal nightmare should ownership of the craft ever be disputed.

Democrats’ Transport spokesperson, Senator Brian Greig, said the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) request for aircraft owners to transfer their Certificate of Registration, was an unnecessary, heavy-handed approach to what was a relatively simple administrative problem.

“CASA’s justification for this move was to ensure safety information is passed to the person controlling the airworthiness and maintenance of the aircraft,” Senator Greig said.

“This is typical of CASA’s bureaucratic approach to most things -like using a sledgehammer to crack a walnut,” Senator Greig said.

“For example, if a flying school or maintenance organisation controls the maintenance of the aircraft, CASA wants the Certificate of Registration to be in that name. Many aircraft owners hire their aircraft to commercial operations such as flying schools, and rely on the Certificate of Registration as their only proof of ownership,” Senator Greig said.

“The Government’s justification for CAR 47 included the situation where an owner goes overseas and lends his or her aircraft to someone else during the absence,” Senator Greig said.

“I fail to see why CASA cannot resolve this in a better way.”

“This is a symptom of CASA's desire to continue changing regulations under the guise of regulatory reform. This does not represent real reform, it is simply a self-justification exercise.

“General Aviation is of huge importance to rural and regional

Australia, and unnecessary changes to regulations simply adds uncertainty to an industry already under siege,” said Senator Greig.

The Democrats successfully voted against the Government’s plan in the Senate today, thereby ensuring owners of aircraft in Australia will not be required to sign the ownership of their property to another party.


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