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Democrats back dairy protest.

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Senator John Woodley Senator for Queensland Australian Democrats spokesperson for Agriculture

Press Release Dated: 30 May 2000

Press Release Number: 00/304 Portfolio: Agriculture Related: Regional Affairs

Democrats back dairy protest The Democrats today backed protests from dairy farmers who oppose deregulation of their industry.

Democrats’ Rural Spokesperson, Senator John Woodley, said claims from Labor and the Coalition that deregulation was ‘inevitable’ were wrong.

“It could have been stopped with enough political will,” Senator Woodley said.

“The Democrats are absolutely opposed to deregulation. The farmgate price for milk will drop by more than 20 cents a litre. At the same time the price of milk has gone up by over 20 cents in some states.

“There is no benefit for farmers. There is no benefit for consumers. So why are we doing this?”

Senator Woodley said the rationale that deregulation would increase exports had been undermined by Bonlac’s decision to reduce the percentage of milk production for export.

He said the Democrats supported legal advice to the newly formed Australian Milk Producers Association that a plan to stop cheap milk flooding the Queensland market was constitutional.

“I understand the legal advice is that as long as the states are treated equally, this would not be in breach of s92 of the Constitution on free trade between the states,” Senator Woodley said.

Senator Woodley said the Democrats would begin a national direct mail campaign next week alerting consumers and farmers to the impact of deregulation in the lead up to its introduction on 1 July.

“Deregulation is a cow of an idea and the Democrats want to make sure constituents know just what it means for them as consumers and as farmers,” Senator Woodley concluded.


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