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Dissenting Committee members’ report on 'Working for Australia’s Future'.

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Brendan O’Connor (Deputy Chair) Annette Ellis Tony Burke Jill Hall

Dissenting Committee Members’ Report on

Working for Australia’s Future

Government Members on the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Employment, Workplace Relations and Workforce Participation recommended industrial relations changes that did not correspond with the evidence Deputy Chair, Brendan O’Connor warned today. Further the Government majority on the Committee overstated the success of the Job Network Disability Support Pension pilot by drawing from an unrepresentative sample, Mr O’Connor said.

“Having read the evidence and listened to the witnesses, dissenting members do not consider there was a causal link between low participation and Award reform”, Mr O’Connor said.

“Australia, over the last 20 years, has the most casualised workforce in the world and yet instead of examining ways to mitigating the economic and social impact of precarious employment, Government Committee Members say we should go further and strip away existing entitlements”, Mr

O’Connor said.

The committee members all agreed, however, that there is a need to remove unnecessary disincentives to work built into the tax and welfare system and the urgent need to attend to the nation’s skill shortage crisis.

Apart from those significant areas of disagreement the Committee sought to find common ground and develop ways to assist and enable more in the community to enter the paid workforce.

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