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Labor's broadband vision for the future.

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Media Release Senator Helen Polley Labor Senator for Tasmania



Shadow Minister for Communications and Information Technology Senator Stephen Conroy and Bass Candidate Jodie Campbell yesterday spoke out on the arrogant Howard Government’s second class broadband plan at a community forum in Launceston last night, co-hosted by Senator Helen Polley.

“Labor’s broadband policy demonstrates Kevin Rudd’s plan for Australia’s future. By investing in a first class broadband system, Kevin Rudd shows the new leadership that Australia needs to move forward into the 21st century” Senator Polley said.

“Regional areas shouldn’t be disadvantage by a second rate wireless system like the Howard Government’s proposals. Labor knows just how important broadband is, not only now but for the future and that is why our plan looks forward. High speed broadband has many benefits, including in the realms of e-health and e-education where it can make a huge difference.”

Federal Labor Candidate for Bass Jodie Campbell pointed out just how important broadband can be to small business. "The Howard Government's own Broadband Advisory Group has stated that 'next generation broadband could produce economic benefits of $12-30 billion a year to Australia'1. We are a small region but even if we were to achieve just 0.1 per cent of this productivity gain, it could deliver an extra $30 million to the economy of the north every year".

Senator Conroy and Labor’s Broadband Task Force have been travelling all over Australia in order to explain Labor’s plan to invest in a first class, secure infrastructure that will ensure that Australians receive the very best in broadband service.

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1 Australia's Broadband Connectivity: The Broadband Advisory Group's Report to Government, 2003, available online from