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PM flies home, leaving troops with no return ticket.

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Bob Brown, Senator for Tasmania

PM flies home, leaving troops with no return ticket

26th Apr 04

The Greens say Prime Minister Howard before flying home from Baghdad should have given

Australia’s troops a ticket home too.

“Six hours in and out of the Baghdad airport compound is okay for the Prime Minister. But our

defence forces face many Christmases to come in an increasingly hostile country at the political

expediency of President Bush and Mr Howard,” Greens Senator Bob Brown said today.

“It is not in Australia’s interests to be there.”

Senator Brown said the Prime Minister had no excuse for not taking Opposition Leader Latham

with him to Baghdad.

“Mr Howard chose the nation’s day of togetherness. He usurped the nation’s Anzac Day for this

visit and in the spirit of one nation should have taken Latham -- it is not Howard’s Anzac Day, it

is Australia’s,” Senator Brown said.

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