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Sydney's nuclear scare timely.

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Kerry Nettle, Senator for New South Wales

Sydney's nuclear scare timely

Senator Nettle, 14th June 2006

Damage to a pipe inside Sydney's nuclear reactor core will reinforce the public opposition to nuclear power, Senator Nettle said today. She also called on the government to ensure that all details of an investigation into the accident are made public.

The Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation revealed today that a rupture to a pipe inside the Lucas Heights reactor's radioactive "hot cell" occurred last Thursday.

"This accident reinforces the dangers of the nuclear cycle for Australia", Senator Nettle said.

"Nuclear power is not safe and the nuclear industry can not protect the public from such accidents."

"It is concerning that it has taken almost a week for the government's nuclear agency to reveal that the accident occurred."

"This is not the first time an accident has occurred at Lucas Heights and it won't be the last with a new reactor due to be switched on shortly public concern and opposition to nuclear power will increase."

"People in NSW, particularly those people living and working in Sydney, must be told if any radiation leaks as a result of accidents. The government must make public any results of an investigation."

"The Greens believe that the Lucas Heights nuclear reactor should be shutdown and the new reactor should not be switched on."

"Solar and wind power pose no risk to the public and are the only way for Australia to address the challenges of climate change."

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