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Canberra's ventriloquists dummies infest industry groups.

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Canberras ventriloquists dummies infest industry groups

Bob Katter MP addressing Parliament March 23, 2005

Member for Kennedy Bob Katter has hit out at Canberra’s ‘ventriloquist dummies’ who are masquerading as industry leaders.

Mr Katter said there are some industry leaders who are committed to Government policies or their own agenda at the expense of their members. These policies must lead to the annihilation of the industries that they are meant to represent and support.

“When are they going to stand on their hind legs and grow a backbone? I will name these cowards if necessary. This is a warning that I will expose them,” Mr Katter said.

He said that, time and time again, he has been approached by rank and file farmers who are complaining bitterly that they are compelled to financially support these peak bodies only to find out that they are working not for them but against them, particularly in their dealings with Government and government policy.

“These sultans of sin are living high on the hog at the expense of their members. Surely it is time to launch a performance evaluation on these individuals, root then out and give ‘em the boot,” Mr Katter said.

He urged all members of industry groups to start keeping a closer eye on those in charge and to take a more active role.

Mr Katter said: “It is extremely hard to keep watch on those you are paying to do your bidding and whom you trust while keeping your farm or business alive, but unless these cowards are replaced they will continue to support government policies hell bent on destroying you. You are doomed if you just roll over and accept the government’s policy.”