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Unique training venture for indigenous students comes to Victoria.

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Media Release

Unique Training Venture for Indigenous Students comes to Victoria K155 10 July 2001

Victorian businesses and Indigenous organisations have joined forces to create better pathways into the workforce for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people, according to the Minister for Education, Training and Youth Affairs, Dr David Kemp.

Dr Kemp today launched the Victorian Indigenous Education and Employment Programme, which is part of a three-year national initiative to:

assist in addressing low Indigenous retention and participation rates at school; ● raise indigenous literacy and numeracy levels; ● raise the skill, qualification and career expectation levels of Indigenous students wishing to enter the workforce; and ●

widen the scope of career options for Indigenous students. ●

"The aims are to promote the employment of Indigenous people in Victoria and to improve the level of education and training participation and outcomes for Indigenous students," said Dr Kemp.

VECCI will work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and Indigenous education bodies to provide Structured Workplace Training Learning Placements for Indigenous secondary students. A Structured Workplace Learning Placement is the ‘on the job’ training that a school student undertakes together with their classroom work to obtain an accredited training qualification.

"VECCI will become an important link between Victorian businesses, schools and Indigenous communities and better communication between these sectors will mean greater training opportunities for Indigenous students," said Dr Kemp.

The Indigenous Education and Employment Programme is a national project with Commonwealth funding of $4.8 million over three years; $2.4 million from the Department of Education, Training and Youth Affairs and $2.4 million from the Department of Employment, Workplace Relations and Small Business.

"In sharp contrast to the Labor Party’s recently announced plan, in which Indigenous education received three scant mentions, the Howard Government is committed to reducing the educational gap between Indigenous and other Australians," said Dr Kemp.

"The Indigenous Education and Employment Programme is a welcome addition to this government’s many initiatives for Indigenous education and employment, which are helping young Indigenous people improve their literacy and numeracy levels and their skills and qualifications," said Dr Kemp.

Media contact: Catherine Job: 02 6277 7460 or 0408 648 400


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