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Groom Government should accept the inevitable on Federal Privacy Bill says Minister for Justice

Today's decision by the Federal Coalition not to oppose the Government's sexual privacy bill, which was introduced into Parliament yesterday, should prove once and for all that the Groom Government has lost all mainstream support for its anti-gay law.

The Groom Government should accept the inevitable passage of the Government's privacy legislation and work towards ending division within the Tasmanian community on this issue.

Any futile point-scoring exercise on the part of the Groom Government will be at the expense of community cohesion in Tasmania.

Now is the time for the Tasmanian Liberals to put the politics of division aside and accept that their federal colleagues have made the right decision on this issue.

Attorney-General, Ron Cornish, must also categorically rule out any thought of proceeding with charges against the four Tasmanians who allegedly declared that they had committed offences under Sections 122 and 123 of the Tasmanian Criminal Code.

Australians, whether they belong to the mainstream or otherwise, deserve the right to freedom from arbitrary interference with privacy. This is a fundamental human right which Tasmanians must also enjoy.

The Federal Opposition clearly recognises this and their decision not to oppose the Bill is welcome. I find it ironic however that they have now taken the very stance on this issue that was advocated by their former leader, John Hewson, last month.

John Hewson clearly committed no wrong. Now that he has been proven right, will he be reinstated by his leader?

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