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Parents urged to check pram safety features

Owners of prams are being urged to check pram safety features after the completion of a study of a type of pram linked to the death of two babies in Australia and New Zealand, the Minister for Customs and Consumer Affairs, Senator Chris Ellison, said today.

Senator Ellison said a comprehensive investigation was conducted into the safety of a style of pram where the base is designed to be attached to the frame by use of a fabric sleeve. The investigation found these prams to be safe if they are correctly assembled and used.

There is, however, a possibility of accident if the pram is incorrectly assembled without the essential safety features in place. In particular, the back flap must be secured to the metal frame at all times.

The model of pram involved in both accidents was based on a 1985 design and has not been manufactured since 1992, but is still available on the secondhand market.

Senator Ellison said since the investigation found that model of pram to be safe there was no basis for a mandatory recall under the Trade Practices Act 1974.

The Department of Industry, Science and Tourism will alert suppliers of secondhand nursery furniture to the crucial importance of the correct assembly of prams, and to the need to instruct users to ensure the flap is properly secured in this type of pram.

"I urge all pram owners, if they have any concerns about the safety of their pram, to contact the retailer or importer for advice on the best way to care for and maintain the pram in safe condition," Senator Ellison said.

"I also urge parents and carers of infant children not to modify prams as a hazardous situation for infants may result."

Contact: Stephanie Wood, Minister's office, 0412 257 563